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Developing the website for Kangen Romania

Given the multitude of information sources - thanks to the online environment - the users had to be convinced to stay on the website for any piece of information they might require and not turn to search engines and online encyclopedias. What could make them stay on the site? Simple: they had to everything they wanted right here so that they might make their own opinion on the matter! For this, the site was conceived as a sort of glossary which will container all key elements to promoting Kangen water. This way, the structure we went for was one clear and right to the point, the main menu having been moulded right after questions one might ask themselves about Kangen water.

Besides the sections that would answer these questions there are also those dedicated to different events and news strictly related to Kangen water. Also, what better way of convincing someone of a fact than through the words of someone who has already experienced it themselves? A testimonial section was thus integrated so that anyone could share their own experiences. The video section has interesting presentations from real live persons and not just virtual machines, so it's also a key marketing tool, and the individual presentation of products removes all misteries surround this healing "magic water" reducing everything down to science and research.

On the visual side, everything had to vibrate cleanliness and freshness, reflecting some pale shades of blue we are all so familiar with when it comes to the "color" of water, and keeping the menu in the left sidebar allow for integrating more blocks usefull to the user, in the same time offering enough space for displaying information in the main area of the page.

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