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Developing the website for the "Filantropia Sighisoara" Foundation

As a sponsor of the Christian Social Daycare Center  Foundation from Sighișoara we have taken upon ourselves to make this cause known in the online environment as well. People dedicating their time and heart to this cause deserve to be known so that other may find out what they're fighting for. In a world dominated by the "every man for himself" mentality, it's clear that there are few who do things just out of the kindness of their hearts. We wish to do what we can to turn the "few" into "many".

The page structure is a simple one, everything being arranged in a sort of blog format, given the fact that it is ment asa a communication tool. The sections are clearly presented in the upper horizontal menu and the animated slideshow follow the user on everypage to remind him that it's a real cause, the simplest of contributions being possible through the right sidebar where we placed a PayPal donation button.

The general ideea of the design was to mantain simplicity so that the users can easily find what they want, that is why we preffered grey gradients as backgrounds, only the dark red catching the eye on important sections (current menu section, titles etc).

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