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Developing the website for the Valea Cetatii Cave

The challenge of promoting a monument of nature is in itself something to be accepted with great honour because after all, next to this everyone is nothing more than a humble witness of the beautiful. The Valea Cetății cave is a good example of such a monument which deserves being brought to the interest of those who love nature and more. The ways in which those responsible for the cave administration use it for different activities had to be found in this project.

Because caves themselves are a point of interest for humans since the early days, the website had to show protection, safety and isolation, but also mistery and curiosity. We considered that the best method of getting these was to use full background images. This way the user is greated directly by the majestic cavern. The manner in which the images change from section to section strcitly depend on the type of content on that page, the first one - the homepage - having the most imposing photo.

Being a project associated with that of the pension with same name, the best way of linking the two was to keep general structure of the website the same, varying the central part where a new right sidebar has been added. The sidebar contains special tools for each section of the website (navigator, calendar, similar pages etc.) but also placeholders for partners which help promote the cave.

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