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Developing the website for the Valea Cetatii Pension

With a location ideal for holidays, team buildings or festivities, the Valea Cetății pension needed a website to express the very closeness to nature it has at the mountain footheals, however without complete isolation and lack of civilisation and modern commodaties. Everything had to be surrounded by clean and refreshing air, the warm and welcoming refuge being the wooden lodge one will call "home" for awhile.

Considering that a potential guest of this pension will want his own piece oh heaven during their stay, we have conceived the page in such a amnner that he may have this feeling right from his office chair. The building was places on top of a patch of land, accompanied by imposing pine trees, birds of the sky and a blanket of clouds which is lost in the shade of blue which dominates the page. the purpose is to give the visitor a bird's eye view on the pension, having it almost in the palm of their hand, being able to study it carefully before coming to a decission regarding his booking choice.

Placing the new and important information on the front page gives easy access to the latest news and deals and the main menu positioned right above the building and the clouds enforces the ideea of "user is in control of everything". The simple yet suggestive icons on the deals give quick hints as to what these are about and the calendar icons already forsee the upcoming news and events. Because the guestbook is a must in any pension or lodge, this was also integrated in the website so that anyone can read honest impressions this place had left others with.

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