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Living at the top with Coco Popescu

Published on 17 Apr 2012 at 09:51.

We're happy to annouce the sponsorship of climber Crina Coco Popescu hoping that this way we can make it easier for her to be part of important expeditions not just for her own records but for Romania's as well. We wish to give her and her activities an identity, so as for the world to find out about her past, current and future projects, while offering the public the chance to help her, rewarding them with gifts that vary from stickers to t-shirts.

Who is Coco?

For those of you who haven't heard of Crina Coco Popescu, we'd like to let you know that her records begin at the age of 10 and holds the most important peaks in the whole world. Most of the records are for her age category, Coco also being the first climber to finish the Seven Volanoes circuit. She was also the first female climber in the world to climb Mt. Sidley in Antarctica, on January 24'th 2011 - record approved by the World Records Academy. You'll be able to find out more about her from the official website which we are currently working on to rebuild.

A new look

Because we consider that she didn't get the spotlight she deserves, we took it uppon ourselves to build Coco's image so that it would reflect the truth about what she really is: an exceptional climber, a mountain lover and a simbol of "living at the top". Seing as how right now you have to roam the internet to find out things about her, we want to make sure that everything Coco related is found on the official website, so that the info inspires trust and it comes from the most truthful source possible: Coco herself and her father mr. Ovidiu Popescu, president of the Altitude Mountain Club from Râșnov.

Her new image starts off with a new logo, which you can view here. Conceived to remind one of her conquering of the Seven Volcanoes circuit, the logo is tied to the club through the man climbing the main volcano, the climber also being present in the club logo. A second important step is that which we've been talking about for awhile, the official website. In the photo gallery above you'll see it's new face along with some of the new features it will have. We won't get into details, suffice to say the static version is working excellent and all it needs is for the CMS to be implemented.

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